Ayurveda Australia : The Current Scenario

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Ayurveda Australia : The Current Scenario

Ayurveda Australia : The Current Scenario There are many new updates since my last blog on Ayurveda in Australia. Ayurveda has taken a whole different turn all over the world after AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy) ministry development 2014, in India. Many countries have presence of … Read More»

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Can diabetes be managed with Ayurvedic herbs?

In the modern age, diabetes has turned into an epidemic. The condition has a negative impact on the way the human body uses food items to produce energy. The amount of sugar that is consumed is usually broken down to ‘glucose’, a simple form of sugar. With the aid of … Read More»

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Natural Therapies Private Health Funds Rebate Review & Its Impact On Ayurveda

Natural Therapies Private Health Funds Rebate Review & Its Impact On Ayurveda Recent decision of Federal Government to cut the rebate on various natural therapies including yoga from 1April 2019, is based on the report submitted by Natural Therapies Review Advisory Committee (NTRAC) that was chaired by Prof. Chris Baggoley … Read More»

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Top Ayurvedic Herbs To Manage Hypothyroidism

What are the Top Ayurvedic Herbs for  Hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism is a dreaded condition that results from an underactive thyroid gland, where the thyroid gland produces the thyroid hormone in only small amounts. This can occur due to an impaired thyroid gland caused by malfunctioning of the pituitary gland or due … Read More»

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What are the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Boosting Immunity?

What are the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Boosting Immunity? The immune system of the body acts as the first line of defense in the face of pathogens, parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms. The natural immunity can be affected by higher levels of stress, depression, smoking, pollution and more. When the … Read More»

Ayurveda In Australia

Australia is the only country where Ayurveda is recognised as a bonafide system of medicine. Previously recognised as a system of natural medicine (Naturopathy), its now considered as a complimentary health medicine system. Most of the ayurvedic practitioners in Australia are from overseas countries such as India, Sri Lanka and … Read More»


Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic Events

                      Introduction to Vedic Meditation Teacher Training &  Ayurvedic Detox Program        When: 07/07/17  at 1730-1930 Where :  Prana House Level 1/885 High St Thornbury 3071. Ojus Health in collaboration with  School of Vedic Education Research and Training offers one of a kind opportunity to join  Mantra Meditation Teacher … Read More»

Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic, Franchise Australia

Franchise Opportunities at Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic Are you an Ayurveda practitioner and looking to start your own business?   Work with us . Ojus health franchisees are available all over Australia. Benefits : Full Training Will be provided so that you will be able to start your own business … Read More»


Ayurveda – Ancient healing practices for mesothelioma cancer

Link for the article on cancer -Ayurveda for mesothelioma https://mesothelioma.net/ayurveda-ancient-healing-practices/ Sent by Virgil Anderson

Modernization of Ayurveda or Modern Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system originated in India around 6000 years ago. The traditional Ayurvedic system was nurtured by ancient vedic scholars on the basis of ayurvedic philosophy, oriental methodology and prevelant traditional practices in the vedic era.  The change in every system is obvious with time. Similarly Ayurvedic … Read More»

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