* I have been suffering from severe joint pain with inflammation in my knees for over a year and have spent lots of money and tried various treatments and nothing has worked until I discovered Ayurveda Medicine! I cannot believe after 6 treatments of Janu Basti my knees are less swollen and the inflammation has vanished dramatically! I would like to thank Dr Naveen Kumar for his expert advice, caring approach and professionalism. I highly recommend this service to others who are suffering from terrible joint pain and Ayurveda for any other medical condition.

May God bless Dr Naveen and staff.

Anthea T

* I had an eye disorder for which I was advised surgery but after few sessions of Netra Tarpna (Ayurvedic eye treatment) with Dr Naveen Kumar my eye condition has improved by 90%. Highly recommend him for expert ayurveda advice.


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