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Ayurveda and Covid-19 lock down restrictions

Ayurveda and Covid-19 lock down restrictions

Covid-19 pandemic has badly affected the world’s population. Coronavirus pandemic is also affecting all businesses including naturopathy & ayurveda practices in Australia and worldwide. Ayurveda practices all over Australia are greatly impacted by stage 3 and stage 4 restrictions . Some of the practitioner were doing face to face consultations in stage 3 restrictions but ayurvedic treatments and panchkarma services were prohibited under these restrictions. All the practitioners have moved to online consultations in stage 4 restrictions in Victoria after the 2nd outbreak in Melbourne Victoria. Ayurveda treatments and yoga, has been very effective in managing mental health. Clients are deprived of these touch therapies due to Covid restrictions . In stage 4 restrictions therapies recommended by a general medical practitioners could be done and also the practitioners has to be registered with AHPRA. ( Australian Health Practitioners Regulations Authority)

Long term impact of these restrictions could be very harmful for anxiety and depression clients. Australian government is providing more support for mental health during these unprecedented times. We at Ojus health, are providing online ayurveda help to any person going through anxiety and stress due to Covid-19.  Ayurveda could help to increase immunity with certain household spices and herbs. . Ayurvedic herbs has been helpful in managing symptoms of Covid-19 and shown to slow doen the progress of disease. Research is underway to find out the evidence based results of ayurvedic herbs.

I hope we all come out of this pandemic soon and can live like normal as before. It might take sometime but everything has an end and everyday brings some hope.


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