Curative Ayurveda

Cure for an illness is achieved by herbal treatments and detoxification procedures. Herbs can either be given orally or herbal oils are used externally to provide wellness. Most of the health systems use this type of treatments to cure the health issues. The curative ayurveda has two modes of treatments.

Internal or oral medication:

This is called ‘Antha Parimarjan Chkitsa’

This is the part of treatment which most of the medical systems all over the world concentrate and work upon. The curative aspects of Ayurveda consist three modes of application of treatments. They are: Internal medicine, External applications and surgical treatment.

Internal medicine

Internal medication is called in Ayurveda as “Antah Parimarjan”. It is provided where the internal application of medicine is needed to create the homeostasis (correcting the imbalance) of the Doshas.

External applications

Several treatments need external applications called “Bahya Parimarjan” which apply medications externally to treat disordered conditions.Ayurveda explains the various methods of surgical treatments in separate texts.

Ayurvedic treatment is a well balanced one which stresses on maintaining the balance between body and mind by bringing changes in lifestyle, eating habits, and all the activities of body and mind.

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