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There is a common saying “If your diet is right there is no need of medicine”. Ayurveda recommends that every person should eat diet according to their state of dosha(body humor).Vata diet is suitable for people with vata dosha imbalance, Pitta diet is recommended for pitta dosha imbalances and Kapha diet for kapha dosha imbalances. From imbalances, we actually mean aggravation of doshas. At Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic In Melbourne Australia, We provide advice, on your body dosha constitution type and diet according to dosha type. At Ojus health ayurvedic clinic we believe, dosha balancing diet as the first step to achieve the state of health.

Vata dosha ayurvedic diet :

To balance aggravated Vata dosha, oily, warm, nourishing wet foods with salty, sour, and sweet tastes should be added in diet. Some examples of such foods are warm milk, ghee, oil, butter, warm soups, stews, hot cereals and freshly prepared breads. Warm drinks and food are always best for vata dosha balance.

Spices: Cumin, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and garlic are all good to take in limited quantity for Vata dosha balance.

Some foods that should be avoided are cold foods such as salads, iced drinks and raw green vegetables are not good in too much quantity for people with Vata dosha aggravation. Unripe fruits and astringent food stuff are best to be avoided in Vata dosha aggravation.

Pitta dosha ayurvedic diet:

The best foods for Pittas are cool potency with bitter, sweet and astringent tastes. Mint herbal tea and licorice root tea are good to pacify Pitta dosha. An example for Pitta dosha pacifying breakfast is cold cereal, cinnamon toast and peppermint tea. Cold milk is an another example of pitta dosha balancing drink.

Pittas should avoid butter, pickles, sour cream, and cheese. Alcoholic and fermented foods are best to be avoided by pitta body type person. Reduce coffee. Pitta body type people should also avoid egg yolks, nuts, hot spices and hot drinks.

Kapha dosha ayurvedic diet:

Kapha body type people should favor warm, light, cooked and dry food. Kaphas do best with raw fruits and vegetables. Any food that is light, less oily and spicy is good for Kaphas such as very hot Indian vegetarian food. Dry cooking methods such ad baking & grilling are preferable for people with Kaphas dosha aggravation. Spices that are beneficial for Kapha dosha diet are cumin, chillies, fenugreek and turmeric. Kaphas dosha type person should avoid the consumption of too many sweet, salty and fatty foods. They should avoid butter and deep-fried foily foods. The main meal for Kapha dosha body type should be the lunch and dinner should be light and dry meal. If you would like to be assessed for your body type then please contact our ayurvedic doctors at Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic in Melbourne, Australia and get a free Ayurvedic dosha diet plan with the first consultation