Ayurvedic | Natural treatment For Haemorroids, Anal Fistula and Fissure

Ayurvedic | Natural treatment For Haemorroids, Fistula in ano and Fissure In Australia Piles commonly called ‘Haemorrhoids’; are enlarged swollen venous blood vessels situated near to inside or outside the anus. They are called internal piles and external piles respectively. Haemorrhoids is further categorized into two types bleeding an dry piles. Constipation and straining during defecation are most common causes but piles during pregnancy are also quite common if proper care of diet is not taken during pregnancy. They are called first, second or third degree depending on the severity and size of enlarged vessels.In ayurveda piles is termed as ‘Arsha’. Anal fistula or fistula in ano is the  double sided opening of infected anal gland. One side of opening is in anal canal while other side opens outside in the anal skin area. Depending on the position of external opening,  different positions types are mentioned, such as 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock. In ayurveda its called “Bhagandra”   Piles-Fistula-Fissure   Fissure (Anal ulcer) is the small split or crack in the wall of anal canal opening. This is most painful of all the conditions discussed here. Usually present with streak of blood on oilet tissue during defecation. In Ayurveda it is called "Parikartika". Signs & Symptoms of Piles: 1)Bloating or wind formation 2)Loss of appetite 3)Itching around anus 4)Painless bleeding with stools 5)Anaemia 6  )Fever if associated with infection 7) Visible anal mass in third degree piles 8) Severe pain and discomfort if thrombosed piles. External Piles: A small mass situated on the outer edge of the anal canal is called external piles. It is a type of skin tag that does not involve any mucous membrane. Usually painless but can suddenly become quite painful when thrombosed, urgent medical treatment is needed in such cases. Ayurvedic herbs for treatment of Piles (Haemorrhoids): Natural treatment for piles is based on removing the cause (Constipation)and making the stools soft to reduce straining during passage of stools. Dietary, lifestyle and yoga advice for healthy intestinal flora is also included for further benefits. We at Ojus Health provide ayurvedic and natural herbal treatment . 1. Triphala churna or triphala gugullu 2. Hariteeki churna 3 Abhayarista 4. Jatyadi oil for local application 5 Arshoghnivati tablet 6. Kankayan Vati is quite beneficial in piles Ayurvedic surgical treatments: Kshara sutra : Kshar sutra is a medicated thread used for fistula healing. The procedure is commonly performed by Ayurvedic practitioners in India. All these medicines and procedures should be taken under strict supervision of ayuvredic doctors. All ano-rectal disease should be examined by a specialist to reach to the exact diagnosis of anorectal diseases. At Ojus health ayurveda clinic in Melbourne, Australia, we provide ayurvedic , natural treatment for piles, fistula and fissure with herbs, home remedies, lifestyle modifications, diet advice and yoga . Dr Naveen Kumar has worked under the experienced ano-rectal surgeon of North-India Dr Dheeraj Malhotra MS ,Shalya(Ano-rectal surgeon). Dr Naveen has seen many patients of piles, fistula and fissure in his guidance with tremendous results.

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