Ayurvedic Doctor in Melbourne

Ayurvedic Physician of 20th Century

With advances in science and technology in 20th century there is an explosion of knowledge, new information and understanding of disease. New advances in biochemistry, physiology, genetics, gene identification and genome mapping provides scientifically based information for the preclinical and clinical studies. A modern day ayurvedic physician must be able to understand and use this information in order to maximise benefits of ayurvedic therapies.

An ayurvedic physician needs to know the basics of modern science such as autoimmune, membrane transport, protein interactions, congenital and metabolic studies. He must know basics of ayurvedic concept of disease management and use of modern diagnostic methods such as blood biochemistry, urine examinations, histology, micro-pathology and radiology. The bachelor and master level courses in ayurveda are designed to provide modern as well as ayurvedic knowledge to the graduates. He should possess the skills to apply his knowledge of modern science to co-relate with ayurvedic concepts for the diagnosis and treatment of patient.

Finally, the ayurvedic physician must understand the interaction of spiritual and psychological elements of patients as descibed by “Charka” in ayurvedic texts. He should use his knowledge and skills to manage patient’s health issues through compassion and holistic care.


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