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Cancer Prevention With Ayurveda at Ojus Health Melbourne Australia
“A preventative approach to cancer can be put quite simply, the more we live in harmony with the natural laws of life, the more we are taking in the life-enhancing gifts of nature.”
cancer-pics   Ayurvedic texts always recommend the need of health preservation and prevention of health. Prevention of every disease is achieved by strict ayurvedic daily and seasonal routine, seasonal detox cleansing (Panchkama) to get rid off toxins developed in the body and balancing the body and mind with yoga and meditation. To study more about disease prevention in ayurveda follow the link
    General Ayurvedic| Natural Preventive Measures For Cancer:
  • Exercise daily or have a long walks

  • Practice yoga and pranayama for mental and physical relaxation

  • Do Prayer for nourishing your soul

  • Chant mantra daily to get your chakra in balance

  • Eat according to body constitution

  • Eat   satvic   and   biological   fresh   fruit,   vegetables,  cereals  as  much  as  possible.  Consumes  milk, fruit juices,  butter  and  fresh  cheese,  fresh  nuts  and  seeds

  • Foods which are full of life-force (prana) include those which are whole, fresh, sun-ripened, enzyme-rich, alkalizing, organic and are plant based

  • Say no to snacks, fast food and ready to eat food

  • Eat low glycemic foods that have a low sugar content

  • Avoid refined flour products

  • Eat dark green leafy vegetables, especially foods that are in the cabbage family such as kale, collards, etc.

  • Eat Foods with rejuvenative ability such as: fresh foods, such as sprouts, baby greens, wild greens, and enzyme-rich foods

  • Avoid high temperature cooking

  • Reduce  the  use  of  microwave  ovens.  This  increases the  Kapha and so Ama in the body

  • Consume  less   meat   especially   red   meat

  • Maintain regular bowel habits, don’t retain natural urges

  • Take immuno-modulators like Ashwagandha, Guduchi or Chavanprasham etc.

  • Do regular rejuvenation and purification practices such as fasting and panchkarma detox cleansing

  • Listen to the signals your body is giving you. Your body is always speaking to you & giving clues as to how balanced or imbalanced it is

  • Spend time on a daily basis to simply be still and connect with your emotional realm. Don’t let emotions build up

  • Socializing is a useful way of moving stuck emotions. Talk with a friend or family member, learn good communication skills, and practice the art of gratitude. Keep those emotional energies moving.

Cancer Prevention According To Your Constitution (Dosha) Type:
Herbs For Vata Type Cancer Prevention:
• Colon cleansing or antispasmodic herbs: Asafoetida, Triphala,
• Adaptogenic or nervine tonics such as : Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Basil  etc
Pitta Type Cancer Preventive Herbs: • Powerful alterative or blood-cleansing herbs: turmeric, amla, red clove • Circulating stimulants or liver stimulants: Punarnava and bitter herbs haritaki
Kapha Type Cancer Preventive Herbs: • Immune strengthening tonics: Cleavers, Garlic. • Expectorant or phlegm-dispelling herbal preparations: Trikatu, black pepper, ginger, cayenne, cardamom
Cancer is a disease where our internal environment is disconnected to the external environment. By keeping our internal environment harmonious with the external environment we could prevent the cancer cells to take hold.  We are all internal gardeners. May this be your most abundant and joyful gardening season.
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