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In herbal steam therapy therapeutic production of sweat is achieved by sitting the client into the herbal steam chamber. Sudation therapy is called ‘svedna karma’ in Ayurveda. Herbal steam therapy forms a major part of preliminary procedure for the ‘Ayurvedic detox therapy (Panchkarma)
The role of herbal steam therapy is to liquify the toxins and open up the microchannels to ease up there removal from the body. Sudation therapy also helps to relieve the stiffness, coldness, heaviness of the body. Herbal steam is especially helpful in ‘vata-dosha ‘ disorders.

Herbal Steam May help in :

At ‘Ojus Health Clinic ‘ Herbal steam therapy is provided along with Ayurvedic massage to achieve the maximal results. Selection of herbs is made according to your personalised body type which will be assessed by experienced Ayurvedic doctors.