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The treatment of janu vasti is specifically meant for the knees. The treatment is similar to Kati vasti is technique. The benefits include reduced inflammation and pain and strengthened muscles. The treatment is done in three steps called purva karma, pradhan karma and pasyat karma.
There are many types of treatment possible with Ayurveda and it is the oldest form of medicine known to men. The effectiveness of Ayurveda, make it popular even today and it is very easy to manage the medical troubles you have with the help of Ayurveda. One of the most common troubles that are very effectively managed with Ayurveda is knee pain. The form of treatment is called janu vasti. Here we are going to highlight the benefits of janu vasti and all that you need to know about

What is janu vasti?

The treatment of janu vasti is a specialized for of treatment for knee pain in particular. The process is similar to Kati vasti except that here the oil is retained over the knee in a leaf proof reservoir. The benefits of janu vasti are many and it is hence gaining popularity with the days..

The procedure

The treatment of janu vasti is divided into three groups- the purva karma or pre procedure, pradhan karma or main procedure and pasyat karma or the post procedure. The benefits include relief from joint pain in the knees, strengthened joints, and reduced spasms attack to name a few.

Purva karma

This includes selection of the patient and the medicine according to the ailment they are suffering from. The treatment is not administered on every patient with knee pain and to make sure that the treatment is done correctly, this selection is done through an eight fold test. The medicine is also chosen through similar process.

Pradhan karma

This is the actual process when then patient is made to lie on their back with the legs stretched. The knee area is massaged with the oil and then a dough or reservoir is made on the knee caps which will contain the lukewarm oil in it. The temperature is maintained and keeps like this for thirty minutes.

Paschat karma

This mainly includes removal of the oil and the dough and then gentle massage on the knees with the residual oil that is left.