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About Kati vasti and the benefits of this ayurvedic treatment Kati vasti is a very effective way to treat back pain and spinal disorders. There are many types of treatment possible for your backbone. Kati vasti is particularly popular for the lack of side effects. It is a process that is rather complicated and hence should be administered by someone who is trained. Ayurveda has been in use since the 4th century BC and it is still the most popular form of medicine that we turn to when everything else fails to relive us. There are so many things that we all have to face with age and one of them is back pain. Kati vasti is that forms of Ayurveda massage which will ensure will regular practice that you are relieved from severe back pain even that which is caused by disc prolapsed. Here we are going to give an overview of the treatment.

Kati means low back Vasti compartment which holds the herbal oil

Kati Vasti may help in following conditions:

How it is done

Usually the patient will have to lie down flat on their stomach for the conducting of this treatment. First the region is massaged with thick medicated oil and then dough of black gram is made and shaped into a reservoir. It is placed on that area such that it is leak proof. The oil is poured in it and kept that way for 30minutes ensuring that the temperature is the same throughout. This is followed by steaming and massage of the area.

Help with numbness

Numbness caused by sciatic nerve compression and similar trouble is treated with this particular type of treatment. It also strengthens the back muscle and maintains the normal curvature of the spine.

Prevents and helps with spinal disorder

Back pain, stiffness, and all other back related issue can be prevented and even cured with Kati vasti. The treatment is suitable for such troubles for any age group.It helps with increasing the blood circulation in that particular part of your body. As a result the pain in the muscles is relieved since the stiffness is cured and it also strengthens the joints too.