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Khadi Herbal Natural |Ayurvedic products Ojus Health Melbourne Australia At Ojus health Ayurveda Clinic, we are committed to provide our clients with the best natural, toxic free, ayurvedic , herbal products. One recent addition is our “Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Products”. Khadi products available at Ojus Health are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and paraben free. They are handmade at Gramodaya Ashram which is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of khadi natural herbal products all over the world.
gandhi-pics Gramodaya Ashram that was set up by Late Mr. Sugrive Singh in 1963,  is trying to help village people; partially or fully for employment at their own places and making huge difference in their lives. The motive of institution is to keep their inspiration source Mahatma Gandhi (Bapu’s) reflections alive and to let people live with proud by self employment. “Khadi means the handspun and hand-woven cloth made from cotton”. Khadi is not just a cloth, it was a whole movement started by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His birthday, 2 October, is commemorated as “The International Day of Nonviolence”.
Khadi cloth is quite famous among fashion industry. Khadi movement is now not limited to Khadi cloth but it is further extended to Khadi naturals by Gramodaya Ashram. Ojus health is proud to join hands with Khadi Gramodaya Ashram for such a wonderful cause.
As an Ayurvedic practitioner I was in search of natural ayurvedic products that are toxin free, have balanced PH, rejuvenating, free from preservatives and oxidising agents. My search ended when I found Khadi Natural products. With Khadi natural products I could offer my clients,  such wonderful products and also have them to contribute to the great cause of humanity that Gramodaya Ashram is trying to effectuate from ages. Inspired by this great cause I feel humble to join hands with such a great organisation. khadi-pics Khadi natural ayurvedic products are a blend of natural, organic herbs that have rejuvenating properties for your body, mind and soul. At Ojus Health Melbourne Australia. We have all Khadi natural products starting from personal care to organic cosmetics. So all the nature and ayurveda lovers we at Ojus Health recommend;
“Go Khadi Go Natural ”


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