Kumari Asava name is due to the Aloe vera (Kumari) as its main ingredient. its useful in treatment of diseases of liver, spleen, cough, respiratory ailments, hyperacidity, female infertility,digestion and anemia. Kumariasva helps in proper secretion of bile and also provide strength to the liver. It is also indicated in Amenorrhoea and other hormonal imbalances in females. Medicinal Properties Detoxifier Antihyperlipidemic Anti-inflammatory Antirheumatic Antioxidant Cardioprotective Carminative Digestive Stimulant Fat Burner Haematinic (increases hemoglobin levels) Mild laxative Appetiser Therapeutic Indications Anorexia Urinary diseases Chronic Abdominal pain Non-bleeding Piles Fatty Liver Digestion issues Chronic Constipation Obstructive Jaundice Strained micturition Biliary colic Cirrhosis Spleen enlargement Chronic backache Amenorrhea Menstrual irregularities Polycystic ovarian disease(PCOS) Dosage of Kumaryasava: The recommended dosage of Kumaryasava is 15 – 30 ml with equal quantity of water after meals twice a day. The dose should be increased gradually. The results are usually visible within two weeks of starting the Kumariasva.

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