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One of the best known and prevalent ayurvedic treatments is nasya or medicinal oils being allowed down the nasal passage. There are many benefits of this treatment. The treatment is very effective if performed correctly. The oils are specifically mentioned for each dosha. Best for Hay Fever, allergic rhinitis, chronic seasonal allergies, chronic nasal discharge, migraine etc.
One of the most unusual forms of treatment, nasya is a form of ayurvedic treatment which is very beneficial for any type of nose trouble, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, cough and cold or any type of

imbalance of the body. These imbalances are termed as dosha according to the Ayurveda. There is different treatment for every dosha but the process of administration of the medicines is the same. Here we are going to share all types of benefits and the methods of performing the treatment so you get an overall idea of the process.

The doshas

There are three major types of dosha according to the Ayurveda that are classified and can be treated with the help of nasya treatment. These are the vata dosha, pitta dosha and khapa-dosha. For each of these dosha there are different types of oils and different times of administration of the treatment for maximum help.

Oils used

For vata dosha sesame oil, calamus oil and ghee are used. For pitta doshabrahmi ghee, sunflower and coconut oil are preferred in particular. For kapha dosha calamus root oil is being used with is the only oil recommended for this particular treatment.

The anutaila

This is an herbal formulation that is suitable for all the three dosha and it is formulated and described in the asthangahrdaya. It is anall-round oil which can be very helpful in the treatment of sinus, cough and cold, clear nasal cavity and also strengthens your eyes, ears, nose and shoulder. It is prepared from thirty herbs and goat milk.

Techniques of nasya treatment

Start by lying on your back and tilting your head backward and then place 3-5 drops of the specific oil essential for the dosha that is being treated and let them get absorbed in the nasal passage. Massage the nose at the same time with the oil on the outside periphery.

Benefits of nasya

There are many benefits of the treatment and it includes cure of stiffness of head, hoarseness of voice improved, improve runny nose and even prevents loose teeth and much more.