Natural|Ayurvedic Management of Bipolar Disease

Bipolar disorder is a pathology that profoundly affects both the psyche and the quality of life of those who suffer from it, since within its clinical manifestations there are sudden changes of mood that range from a state of excitement where the patient is practically euphoric to a notable depression, in addition to a continuous weakness and an uncomfortable difficulty to sleep or to concentrate in their daily activities. All these expressions together, usually diminish quickly the functionality of the person in each area of their life making the course of the years a process very difficult to carry not only for the patient but for his family and the people with whom he interacts because it is extremely easy to generate misunderstandings and even great conflicts because of the attitudes expressed by the subject in question, which is generally ignored. They may be labeled as impolite or simply dementia. It is clear that as any health problem this disease can and should be handled by a specialist doctor who guides the patient and his family to a satisfactory evolution with the sole purpose of improving the life of those who ask for their help, for this, the doctor will be responsible for providing a treatment that is composed of three important parts, psychological therapy, drugs and of course the personal work that each bipolar must do to make the two previous parts work better, however, within this compound treatment due to multiple factors, it should be mentioned with emphasis that the use of natural or homemade therapy is valid and even necessary so that the management of bipolar disorder is truly integral and can thus completely cover all the healing pathways that can be addressed. As for the infusions, the Tagar (valerian root) is the most indicated when it comes to the management of bipolarity since, from antiquity, it is known for its pain-relieving properties and as a mild anxiolytic without producing any type of side effects, unlike the current drugs. On the other hand, if what ails you is lethargy, drowsiness or lack of vitality the most advisable is ginseng, this root full of healthy energy to anyone who consumes it frequently, as well as ginkgo. The passion flower is a not so well known sedative that helps to balance the neurotransmitters; its weakness is that it can be a bit strong for the stomach of certain people, which is why it is recommended that when it is consumed it is accompanied by plenty of water. Finally, we recommend a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-balanced diet, physical activity adjusted to the patient's capacity and a lot of patience and love on the part of the loved ones close to the patient. At Ojus health ayurveda clinic we have specialized herbs for bipolar disorder and other forms of depression such as OCD.We also offer various yogic pranayama and meditation advice to get better results in depression and anxiety related mental health issues.

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