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Netra tarpan: Herbal Eye Care Netra tarpan is the holistic herbal treatment for eye care. Netra tarpan provides nourishment to eye muscles and helps in preventing as well as helps in various disease conditions of eyes. 

Netra tarpan is done by retaining medicated ghee over the hollow of both eyes with the help of small dams made of dough.

 Netra tarpan is a rejuvenating and healing eye treatment that may help in various eyes ailments. Netra tarpan should be done under the guidance of an expert Ayurvedic Practitioner. 

Netra Tarpan may help in : Burning sensation of eyes Curved eyes Eye dryness and itching Conjunctivitis. Painful eye conditions Night blindness. Squinting. Myopia Glaucoma Light Sensitivity Night blindnessBlurred vision