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Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s main purification methodology, meaning “five therapies”. These 5 treatments are: Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana.Vamana, for example, is responsible for removing Kapha toxins contained in the body and the respiratory system. The following treatment is perfect for those who have a Kapha (Water) imbalance. Some common body problems that can be cured using Vamana are: Asthma, Allergies, Obesity, Skin disorders, etc. As a primary objective, Panchakarma detoxification helps eliminate all the toxins that may have built up over a certain period of time. A healthy body involves clearing of toxins, having peaceful judgments, normally-functioning organs and a general happy state of mind.

 Why Panchakarma is Useful in Today’s Busy Environment

When we cannot completely digest our food, deeply feel our emotions and/or be fully engaged in our activities, we accumulate a certain amount of toxins which are stored in our body tissues creating imperfections. This often results in low-energy levels, uncomfortable feelings and other stress messages created and expressed by our body. There comes the need of Ayurvedic panchakarma (detox) therpay.
According to Ayurveda, spring and fall are the most beneficial times of the year for starting the Panchakarma (detox ). As we service our car thats how panchakarma is complete service of our body that help in removal of toxins and provides nutrition, lubrication and energy to our body.

Kerala Panchakarma in Melbourne Australia

Kerala Panchakarma involves using two main sets of therapies: Fomentation Panchakarma and OleationPanchakarma. Fomentation Panchakarma implies the use of therapies that generate sweat and oleation involves application of oily substances directly on the body. These two categories include the use of general yurvedic therapies such as: Herbal Steam Fomentation: Client is advised to sit in a steam chamber and herbalised steam is released into the chamber. Herbal steam help to remove toxins and provide rejuvenation to whole body and also relieve stress. Abhyanga  a type of body massage that is done using special medicine oil. It involves massaging the whole body or some parts of it such as joints, head, arms, etc. Shirodhara  a special type of therapy that consists of pouring warm oil on the forehead at a specific speed. The session lasts somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes and one important rule is to keep the temperature of the oil constant. Pizhichil also involves the use of medicated oil in combination with soft hand movements applied to the body. It helps reduce tensions, bring a smooth wind of calmness to the body and relax different muscle groups. Potli Massage  this kind of massage involves using special bags that contain certain herbs. The bags are heated in oil and then applied to the body using massage sessions. Potli Massage helps relieve pain, reduce stress and nourish the entire body.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind While Doing Panchakarma

If you decided to join a Panchakarma therapy session, you can be sure that your journey is going to provide you with a unique possibility to dive deep into yourself and, possibly, discover your life meaning.

Inform your friends and family that you need some time to be “out of this world”. Don’t make this statement sound too dangerous, simple tell them that you need a break. You can also leave emergency contact info to some of your closest relative, just in any case.

Eliminate the use of media such as TV, internet, radio, etc. It is going to be a hard-to-beat habit but it will keep your mind at ease and not distracted by meaningless media messages

Don’t read books while practicing The Ayurvedic Detox Diet. Instead, take time to reflect on your life’s events from as far as possible. Maybe try to remember something funny from your childhood times. Make your own story be the inspiration!

Incorporate Self-Massage using the Abhyanga technique. A daily massage practice help refreshing the entire body, eliminate aging effects and serves as a personal trainer for your joints.

Stay in Complete Silence – Learn to Enjoy Solitude Moments.

Avoid Busy Environments. If you decide to go for a small walk in the park, avoid driving the car or going thru busy streets. This activity might affect your nervous system and this is not a good path to follow while doing Panchakarma.
Within days, you should be having results in return by Panchakarma therapy. One of the most common ones includes a better digestion, a light-body feeling and a general happy mindset. Panchakarma is the ultimate body-treatment methodology. If you are ready to strengthen  your entire body, eliminate toxins and contribute to your overall happiness, feel free to join Ayurvedic Detox Diet sessions in your local community.Cost: $500 For initial consultation, Follow up consultation and all the herbs required for Panchkarma detox. The cost of therapies is decided according to your health issue during initial assessment. Contact us Today about various Panchkarma Detox Packages ( 3day, 7 day, 14 days, 21 days, 30 days)