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Pizchil treatment is a common ayurvedic treatment that has all round benefits. The oil is squeezed on the body of the patient and then massaged. The treatment is particularly suitable for someone suffering from muscles stiffness and pain. The treatment is a combination of heat therapy and oil massage. The study of Ayurveda will open vast spectrum of medical learning in the world of herbs and oils. There are many types of herbs and oils that are mentioned in the Ayurveda and it is important to ensure that you can administer them rightly. Oil baths are particularly helpful with

 many ailments and one of the most popular ayurvedic oil baths is the pizchil oil bath. Here we are going to provide an overview of the oil bath called pizchil and also the benefits that you get from this particular treatment.

Introduction to pizchil

The word pizchil means squeezing and it derives the name from the technique in which the treatment is performed. The medicated oils are squeezed on the body of the patient from a height and this is done all over the body. This is a combination of heat treatment and oil massage.

Technique of the treatment

The techniques of the treatment include applying lukewarm oil that are medicated and massaging them for about 45-60 minutes. The oils are being poured on the body by squeezing a cloth soaked in oil from a vessel. The treatment has to be performed for 7-21 days for best results.

Benefits of the treatment

It helps in initiating diaphoresis or heavy sweating and that in turn can help cure rheumatic diseases, arthritis, sexual weakness and nervous weakness. There are many other similar issues that can be treated with this technique in particular.

Body pain relief

One of the major help that you can get with the pizchil treatment is relief from any type of body pain. The oil is very effective on healing fractured bones even with time and also cure the related pain in no time.

Other benefits

Helps in blood circulation, this particular form of treatment is very effective on anyone who is suffering from diabetes as well. It is also good for stress relief and can be used for making sure that you enjoy optimum health boost. In terms of beauty and cosmetic benefit, it has anti-aging properties.