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‘Rasayana ‘ is a therapy where immunomodulation is achieved by herbal formulations prepared by expert ayurvedic practitioners. Rejuvenation therapy also slows down the process of ageing and helps to boost the immune system of body. Enhancement of immune responsiveness against pathogens is achieved by use of immunomodulatory agents of plant origin. ‘Rasayana’ therapy bring about proper growth, and improvement of essential seven vital tissues. Rejuvenation therapy provide long life, good intellect, the ability to remain forever young and general well being. It has been proven by various scientific experiments that activation of cytokine network and by action on macrophages immunomodulation is achieved by simple chemical of herbs. Antioxidant effect of ‘rasayana herbs ‘ has also been scientifically proven.

Herbs for rejuvenation

Indications of Rejuvenation therapy

Chawanprasham Awaleha’ and ‘Brahamrasayana ‘ are ‘polyherbal rasayanaformulations’ available at Ojus Health Clinic. Contact or book an appointment with Dr Naveen Kumar at Ojus health if you think you in need this therapy.