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UNDERSTANDING SHIRODHARA - A HOLISTIC AND UNIQUE HEALTH TREATMENT AT OJUS HEALTH Ayurveda is one of the oldest methodologies to heal aliments of the human body that are caused by discrepancies in the doshas of the body. At Ojus health, we offer a number of Ayurvedic relaxation techniques for clients to rejuvenate themselves, leave their stresses behind and find the balance of body and mind necessary for a healthy living. Let’s explore this world of health and wellness that Ojus can help you experience.
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  Shirodhara at Ojus Health Shirodhara is a traditional form of Ayurveda therapy which has been in practice for over 5000 years now. It attempts to achieve purification of the senses to cleanse and restore the lost balance of your life and body. It covers one of the five steps of Panchakarma, which involves gentle pouring of oils and herbal liquids over the forehead to relax your nervous system. This process inundates the head with soothing warm oil, while relaxing the scalp and uses gentle massage on neck and facial tissues to relax your muscles. The warm and consistent flow of herbal and scented oils on the forehead, especially on the ‘third eye’ point, gives you a feeling of divine relaxation and rejuvenation. This ‘third eye’ location on your head is the chakra point between your eyebrows that directly regulates the energies of your mind and body. This point is known to be the seat of human consciousness. When the organic oils start flowing from that point through your scalp and hair, it creates a blissful sensation, thereby healing your nervous system. Indian head massage at Ojus Health There are many effective and relaxing head massage therapies that have originated from India to relieve pain and stress. They aim at rejuvenating your nervous system, soothing all your senses by healing your mind, body and soul! Indian head massage helps to elevate mobility and flexibility in the nerves of your neck and shoulders. The therapy works in combination with Ayurvedic medicines and the principle of chakras to bring back the normalcy of your body balance. This therapy is a wonderful mechanism of relieving tension and anxiety. It involves massaging the scalp, neck, facial tissues, shoulders and upper back muscles to reduce eyestrain and eliminate muscular tension. The result is not only physical relaxation but mental and emotional relief as well as this therapy works by calming your senses, soothing your mind, encouraging rejuvenation and lessening stress. Benefits of Shirodhara and Indian Head Massage Traditionally, therapies like Shirodhara and Indian Head Massage were performed to cure insomnia, stress and depression. But in today’s era, the most widespread mental demons such as anxiety, fear, irritability and anger are taking over us. Ojus Health’s practitioners in Melbourne, with their years of experience, use these therapies to help you reach a state where these mental issues get liquefied into a huge ocean of peace, providing you with expanded serenity and relaxed consciousness. Have a look to the therapeutic benefits of Shirodhara and Indian head massage therapy:
  • Relax one’s mental and emotional senses
  • Help immensely to treat conditions such as insomnia and schizophrenia
  • Heal several diseases that are connected with the neck, head, nose, eyes and throat
  • Enhance the flexibility and sturdiness of the body by invigoratingyour nervous system
  • Help treat disorders related to nervous system like facial palsy, nerve disorder, paralysis and drooping of eyelids
  • Reduce headaches/migraine and tension
  • Give strength to neck, head and shoulder muscles.
  • Bring spiritual awakening and amplifies consciousness
  • Help in controlling mood swings and stress
  • Help in reducing wrinkles and fine lines from your face- Good news for women!
Standard Shirodhara: $120 Premium Shirodhara: Include head massage $160 Extended Shirodhara: Include full body massage & herbal steam $ 300 We, at Ojus health have skilled Ayurveda practitioners who first determine the true nature of your ailment and subsequently recommend intensive and targeted Shirodhara and Indian head massage treatment sessions to help you attain long lasting relief and advanced healing benefits. Book your session today!

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