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Stress is someone’s response to a situation or in other words stress is an uncomfortable gap between how our life is and how we would like it to be. The society in which we live is full of  worries, stress and strain. Worries about security, emotions and economic difficulties are becoming more common and causes long term effect on health and longevity of life.

Types of Stress
Stress can be acute or chronic. Chronic stress leads to following health issues by affecting various body systems.
Cardiovascular system
Stress increases cortisol levels that can cause increase in heart rate and blood pressure and also blood lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) levels. High blood pressure and hyperlipidemia are major factors for stroke and heart attack. Nervous system
Stress causes release of stress hormones that causes flight or fight response. If this continues for long period of time will lead to anxiety and feeling of depression Digestive system
Stress hormones increases intestine motility and so causes stress diarrhoea. Stress may lead to weight gain because of increased appetite.

 Immune system
Chronic stress tends to weaken the immune system, making  a person more susceptible to common cold, flu and other infections

  Other systems : Stress worsens many skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis,  hives and acne and could trigger an asthma attacks. 

Ayurvedic approach to stress management:

In Ayurveda, Stress refers to the sum of the physical, emotional and mental stain on a person. It is important to target the etiological factors while managing stress. Therapies should aim to bring the physical and mental conditions to normal state. Ayurvedic approach for managing stress include change of lifestyle, dietary changes, herbal treatments, panchkarma (detox) therapies, yoga and meditation. So in ayurveda there is whole blend of therapies to prevent, manage and treat stress and related health issues. 

Yoga and meditation:
Shavasna(Corpse pose) and Yoganidra are perfect for managing stress.  Meditation to awaken someone’s inner positive  energy is also an important way to manage stress. Herbal Medhya Rasayan ( Brain Tonics):
These rasayanas have specific molecular nutrients for the brain affording a better mental health leading in turn to alleviation of the behavioral alteration and to cope up day to day stress. Brahamrasayan, brahmi ghritam and ashwagandha leyham are some of the herbal brain tonic used for managing stress. Panchkarma (Detox) Therapy:
Panchkarma therapies has been used for centuries in the Ayurvedic management of stress. Panchkarma is the process which gets to the root cause of the problem and brings essential balance of ‘Tridosha’ in body.The therapies specific for Stress conditions are Shiroabhyanga, Shirodhara, Shirovasti  and Marma therapy. A complete detox plan is recommended for people having severe stress related health issues. 

Some commonly used  herbs for stress :

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)
Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)
Musta (Cyprus rotundas)
Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi)

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