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Ayurvedic Treatment For Respiratory Ailments/Allergies: Respiratory system is one of the important system of our body that is essential to maintain life.  As respiration provide us with necessary oxygen to over organs and tissues, its quality is very much of importance to us. Respiratory system start from nostrils and ends to the small alveoli where the exchange of gases occurs.

Some of the main respiratory ailments :
1) Sinusitis
2) Hay fever
3) Allergic rhinitis
4) Nasal polyps

5)Allergic bronchitis
6) Bronchial ashtma
7) Pulmonary tuberculosis
8) Sarcoidosis

Recurring headache
Shortness of breath
Stomach cramps
Itchy, watery eyes
Nasal discharge
Itching, eczema or hives

Importance of Ayurvedic approach in respiratory diseases:

Respiratory diseases, are primarily affecting the respiratory system but they also affect other sysytems and are influenced by everyday stress and low immunity . Our gut has an important role in immunity and disease according to Ayurveda . Ayurveda always treats the individual’s root cause of the issue rather than providing just symptomatic benefits. During an Ayurvedic consultation, all systems are assessed . Herbs, lifestyle modifications, yoga , detox therapies etc are of great benefit to manage respiratory ailments.

Respiratory Allergic Ailments/Hay fever:
It is known that allergic reactions are caused by substances which we call allergens, to which some people become sensitive. In case of severe allergic reactions we label as  as anaylaxis. Allergies can be due to certain types of foods, stings of certain insects or also some of the medicines. Many people are allergic to allergens found in the air and the general environment pollens also known as aeroallergens. It could be the pollen that is found in trees, flowers or grass, dust mite, mould or may be from the pets. Some people have hereditary predisposition to these allergies.

Some of the common allergies are:

Hay fever (Allergic rhinitis) that affects the nose and eyes
Allergic bronchitis which affects the lung
Skin allergies such as eczema or urticaria (hives)

At Ojus health ayurvedic clinic we  offer Natural treatment for respiratory diseases and respiratory allergies such as hay fever and allergic bronchitis. These treatments or therapies can help the person suffering various form of respiratory diseases.