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The unpleasant sensation of physical hurt or injury causing distress is pain. This can also be an emotional pain affecting someone mentally causing a torment. Now, pain management is a process of providing medical aid to the sufferer, in order to reduce or get rid of the pain and give relief. Ayurveda means “science of life”. It’s an ancient holistic medical system or healing system. It’s a powerful tool to heal and cure illnesses. The treatment or therapy comprises of a set of steps. To have an insight of the problem and its root cause then plan a set of steps to make a healing or remedial program. Also known as granny tips, people use these to cure problems around the world. The concept or basis of ayurveda philosophy is that five elements in the body combine to form three basic functions or roles and laws or standard to be specific. These functions are known as “humors” or “doshas”. These humors control the functions of the body. A person remains healthy when these humors are balanced and unhealthy when these are unbalanced. Let’s talk about some Ayurveda approaches to certain problems or pain. Chronic pain: Chronic illnesses leave persistent and long lasting effects. Chronic pain in an area of the body is a result of an imbalance in the normal functioning of the body. It takes some time to break barriers and invade. This in turn brings a stage when the problem starts messing up and interferers in the normal functioning of the body. Problems causing these imbalances can be:
  • Accumulation of toxins which hinder or block normal blood circulation and toxin build up in tissues of the body. Malnutrition
  • Digestion issues
  • Amassing of stress (physical or mental) over a long period of time.
  • Low immunity
  • Imbalance of the nervous system
It’s very important to set a healthy every day routine, relaxing yourself, having a balanced diet to mainta

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in a balanced system. For example a chronic back pain can be treated with home remedies and a good routine for quick recovery. A garlic and coconut oil mixture combined after cooking can be used for a good massage until the pain diminishes. Natural pain cure: Aromatherapy, Asanas (positions in yoga exercise), Snehana or massage therapy, healing with herbs, systematic relaxation is a treatment one can undergo for quick recovery and lasting results. Ayurvedic approach to pain management: It suggests that mind and body both react to a pain experience. A physical pain is also experienced by the brain as the pain relieving chemicals are triggered. Ayurveda affirms that the mind can relieve pain, and mediation can strengthen this power.Ayurvedic treatments are slow healers but produce drastic and everlasting results. These known treatments are famous for absolute healing, boosting immunity and relieving stress. Ayurvedic therapies for pain : Ayurveda suggests therapies to relieve pain such as “kati vasti” extremely effective for the disorders of the spine and back pain which is treated by warm oil poured in a reservoir made of dough, placed on the back. Similar is the procedure of “Greeva vasti” where the same process is followed as in Kati vasti but the reservoir is placed on the neck. At Ojus health Melbourne we provide specialized ayurveda therapies and treatments for pain management.

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