Vaksha Vasti (Adrenal & Kidney Rejuvenation Therapy)

Ayurvedic vasti treatments are specialized treatments to enhance your bodywork. Marma points massage is perfomed during these treatments that provides rejuvenation to the specific area. These treatments provide balance to your energy as well rejevenation to your body. In Vakha Vasti rejuvenation of adrenal glands , kidney and the entire posterior thoracic area is achieved. A donut shaped dam filled with warm herbal medicinal oil is created across the back with   dough, above the adrenal and kidney region. The oil is changed with warm oil frequently and procedure is done for 30 minutes. This treatment rejuvenates exhausted adrenals and  provide nourishement to kidneys, thereby it supports balance of energy levels in the body. This is a wonderful treatment for person with excessive stress in their lives or anyone who consumes caffeine regularily. The adrenal gland function can easliy be affected by daily life stress. This treatment provides support to bring vitality ,peace and deep relaxation by reducing tension within the body. At Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic our expert ayurvedic physician perform this treatment with marma therapy on many clients every week to create balance between their body, mind and soul. Book your session Today at Ojus Health Ayurveda clinic. Contact : Dr Naveen Kumar Email : Mobile:    0411572091

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