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  Weight Loss Packages @ Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic Are you looking for a complete weight loss program with rejuvenation? Then Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic is the place to be. Ojus Health; weight loss packages are designed for people looking to have quick and sustained weight loss. Ojus Health basic weight loss package offer dietary modifications, yoga advice, body therapies for weight loss and some herbal organic preparations for weight loss. Basic package is for person looking for stabilizing their weight with diet and yoga and wanted the feel of weight loss therapies. weight lossPremium weight loss package is for someone looking to reduce their weight naturaly and also having panchkarma detox to manage the root cause of fat deposition. Premium package not only provide you weight loss benefit but also helps to get rid off all the impurities through panchkarma detox. In the premium package they will have the benefit of complete detox program and also 3 sessions of weight loss therapies.   Premium Package (With Panchkarma Detox):  $1799      Offer Price: $ 1499 The package includes Panchkarma detox, 3 x body therapies and herbal preparations for weight loss. Ayurvedic diet and nutritional advice and one session of weight loss yoga. Basic Package: $ 999            Offer Price: $ 699 The package include Ayurvedic diet advice, weight loss yoga session, one body therapy and herbal preparation for weight loss.

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