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What are the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Boosting Immunity?

What are the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Boosting Immunity? The immune system of the body acts as the first line of defense in the face of pathogens, parasites, bacteria and other microorganisms. The natural immunity can be affected by higher levels of stress, depression, smoking, pollution and more. When the immunity is not functioning optimally, your body can be more prone to ailments or infections. A natural system of healing, Ayurveda uses spices and herbs for boosting health and cleansing the body. Find out about some of the best Ayurveda herbs that can boost your immune system.

Amla This is a robust and versatile antioxidant that can safeguard the body against infections and cancer. It can also nourish the heart and brain, boost the liver and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. It can also strengthen the immune system and nervous system. It has strong antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial properties. Ashwagandha

It is also referred to as Indian ginseng. The herb is robust and has excellent antioxidant, anti stress, anti tumor and anti inflammatory properties. The herb can rejuvenate the body and boost the immune system. It works as an adaptogen, and can help the body in combating stress. It boosts the amount of white blood cells, provides the body with antigens for combating allergies, infection and germs and protects the body. The herb is useful in preventing infections, increasing physical energy, improving mental function and boosting overall health. Shatavari

The herb rejuvenates the body, and has cooling, nourishing and soothing properties. It can aid in many conditions where the body goes out of balance, depleted or overheated due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome, urinary tract infection, inflammation, diarrhea, indigestion and heartburn. It can improve the function of macrophages, the cells in the immune system that can fight off microorganisms. It can aid the immune system in recovering, following toxin exposure. It can balance pitta and vata doshas, and works like an anti tussive, anti dyspepsia, immunostimulant and antioxidant. It can increase the resistance of the body to organisms resulting from stress. Guduchi

This herb is also reputed as an adaptogen and immunomodulator, and can boost the resistance of the body to illness, stress and anxiety. Guduchi is also useful in preventing flu and cold, and can improve the ability of the immune system in preventing toxin exposure. It works as an anti arthritic and anti-inflammatory medicine, and can reduce rheumatic disorders and gout. The herb removes the Pitta dosha that is accumulated and can also balance every dosha.

In pandemics such as covid-19 , these immunity boosters play an important role in prevention and add in quick recovery .


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