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Why Should I Visit An Ayurveda Practitioner For My Injury?

Why Should I Visit An Ayurveda Practitioner For My Injury? It is not always clear in person mind about what kind of practitioner to visit for their injury. You may receive an advice or suggestions from your family and friends, but this, can often be contradictory. Therefore, who is the most appropriate medical professional to consult when you are hampered by lower back pain, a stiff neck, or sports injury? Before you can make an informed decision, it is important to have a broad understanding of the types of treatment options available to you.
injury-articleYou have different options such as to visit a physiotherapist, chiropractor, osteopath or have an acupunture treatment. All these practitioners have their own way of approach to health and well-being A physiotherapy approach is primarily concerned with responding to muscular and joint pain through rehabilitative exercises, massage and stretching, which may be combined with physiotherapy techniques such as ultrasound, dry needling or hydrotherapy. A chiropractic alignment consists of gentle,  directed force being manually applied to a joint or vertebrae that is suffering from restricted movement, which is intended to enable it gradually to regain its normal joint motion. Osteopaths also focus on skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation to improve your health & well-being.Acupuncture an another form of alternative therapy, where thin needles are inserted into the body. It is closely related to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
Ayurvedic Approach To Injury :
Ayurvedic approach to an injury is completely different from physiotherapy, chiropractor, osteopathy or acupunture treatment. . Ayurveda practitioner works to bring back the balance in the whole body. Any neck pain? pain due to lower back issues ? a sporting injury? pain due an accidental injury ?  Any or all of these conditions can impact on persons quality of life. While other practitioners or your general practitioner will concentrate more on relieving your pain, an Ayurvedic doctor will also try to bring back the balance in your body and mind.
Complete Body Assessment:
Ayurvedic practitioner will do your full body asessement before starting your ayurvedic treatment. He will find your body constitution type and advice treatment accordingly. Ayurvedic therapies are recommended according to the your body type and dosha involved in the injury. At Ojus Health Ayurvedic Clinic all the assessments are performed by registered and qualified ayurvedic doctor.
Stress Management:
Stress at certain level is always associated with the injury whether its minor or major injury. An Ayurveda practitioner always work on your stress level with rejuvenation therapies such as shirodhara, and stress reief lifestyle with meditation and yoga. At Ojus Health Ayurvedic Clinic we provide therapeutic yoga advice for nutrition and stregthen the to weak injured tissue .
Ayurvedic Massage Therapies:
The Ayurvedic oils used for Ayurveda massage therapies are medicated herbal oils that add up the healing of injured tissues, muscles and bone. They provide nutrition to the injured area and also reduce inflammation and pain. Ayuvedic massage therapies also involve ‘Swedana’ Sudation therapy that reduce inflammation and also help o get medicated oils deep into the tissues.  At Ojus Health Ayurveda Clinic in Melbourne, we provide variety of Ayurveda massage therapies for such injuries. Dietary Recommendation: An Ayurvedic doctor will always advice you on what to favour and what to avoid in your diet to promote pain relief and advance the healing of your injury. So Ayurveda believe in food as medicine and  role of food is very well explained in traditional Ayurvedic texts.
Ayurvedic Herbal Products:
Ayurvedic practitioner will also use Ayuvredic herbal products if required to manage your acute injury pain. The herbal products helps in reducing inflammation at deep tissue level. They help to strengthen the weak muscles and tissue, after injury. Ayurvedic herbs are natural, free from toxins and are without any side effects.
Ayurvedic Marma Manipulation:
Ayurvedic massage therapies also involve some manipulation techniques that further add up the healing. Ayurvedic marma massage is such a technique to initiate healing with free flow of enery and nutrients to the injured area.
To conclude there are many reasons to visit an Ayurvedic doctor for your neck, back and other injuries. Ayurvedic healing to injury, not only involve the complete body assessment , use of medicated herbal oils and remedies, various ayurvedic massage techniques but also dietary advice, meditation, shirodhara and yoga to bring back the balance between your body and mind.


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