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Yoga word has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”. Yoga is the name to bring harmony between body and soul. It is not only about exercising or making your body hectic, but to bring body and soul harmonizing with each other up to a certain placid level where entities of the universal spirit and body can be unfolded or explored to their extent. It is more like a spiritual journey starts from the existence and ends in eternity by aligning body and soul into one direction. Yoga is performed by exercising certain breathing techniques and mediation activities.

A Breathing technique like Pranayama and Meditation technique refers toward Dhyaan. Certain categories or kinds of Yoga have also been evolved with the passage of time, these are described as follow:

Hatha Yoga

Delicately working with the force by utilizing physical techniques is recognized as Hatha Yoga.

Karma Yoga

Disciplinary actions performed according to the instructions mentioned in Bhagavad Gita are called as a vital form of Yoga.

Mantra Yoga

Audibly loud utterance of certain structured phonemes, letter, words and phrases is called as Mantra yoga. Practitioners have also resulted in believing that these have some psychological and spiritual effect over listeners.

Bhakti Yoga

Cultivation of affection and love toward the creator by practicing it spiritually is called as Bhakti Yoga..

Jnana (Gyana) Yoga

The Spiritual practice of getting rid of worldly materialistic desires to achieve the supreme goal of Love and devotion for God is considered as Jnana Yoga. It is also derived from Bhagavad Gita..

Raja Yoga

It refers towards a devoted Yoga technique which helps in achieving the highest stage of yoga called as “samadhi”. It is synonymic with “Royal Yoga” and “Classic Yoga”.

Therapeutic Yoga

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Therapeutic Yoga classes can benefit and include